Keypad Series
2021 - ongoing
Made with support from the Mondriaan Fund
Resin printed keycaps with support from Bram de Groot
A series of keypads and numpads with custom keycaps, powered via custom USB hubs, aiming to reimagine the online stereotype of the gamer. Ongoing spin-off series from the Gamer Keyboard Wall Piece series.

Socialist Catboy, 2021

Socialist Catboy, 2021, detail

Sussy Baka Touches Grass, 2021

Sussy Baka Touches Grass, 2021, detail

All Unsaved Progress Will Be Lost, 2021

Installation view at Singular-Art, 2021

Not Fall Guys But Also Not Not Fall Guys, 2021, photo by Eva van Boxtel

Not Fall Guys But Also Not Not Fall Guys, 2021, detail, photo by Eva van Boxtel

Oops, All Cat Paws, 2022

Oops, All Cat Paws, 2022, detail

Hyperpop Pogchamp, 2022

Hyperpop Pogchamp, 2022, detail

Installation view at Prospects with Gamer Keyboard Wall Piece #1, 2022

Shell, 2022

Shell, 2022, detail

Not That Fun Anymore, 2022

Not That Fun Anymore, 2022, detail

Are You Healing Son?, 2022

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 Soundtrack full album, 2021

Fishpilled Twitch Enjoyer, 2021

Rose, 2022

Grass (in green), 2022